Take Action Or Surrender? The Oprah Quote That Shaped My Business

“What’s meant for you will never pass you by….” Or is it, “If one door closes, break it down”?

I’ve literally had meltdowns trying to sort through these two competing principles. To gather the will to move forward in the face of obstacles, or to pack it in because it just doesn’t feel like it’s “meant to be.” So how do we know when to press forward and when to let go and allow our higher power to do the work?

Years ago, this Oprah quote completely changed my perspective on how I took action in my life. She said:

“I act as if everything depends upon me and pray as if everything depends upon God.”

This approach has never failed me. If I look back to the goals I’ve accomplished in my life, I can see the direct results of my hard work. But I can also see something else. When I was able to work in a spirit of faith that there was a divine plan being carried out alongside my efforts, an element of grace would unfold. I’d experience synchronicity that felt beyond my own personal capacity. I knew that my hard work had opened the door to it, but I also truly felt that a force beyond me had acted as a powerful co-conspirator in my endeavors.

I truly believe that the best breakthroughs in life stem from taking massive faith-driven action. But how exactly is this done? Here are a few ideas to help get us started.

Build A Safety Net

It can be incredibly hard to let go and allow the Universe to come together for us, especially when we have real, pressing financial needs. So while you are building, consider setting yourself up so that you have a bit of breathing room financially. Get a part-time job, take a loan – heck, move back in with your parents if you have to. Just do whatever you need to do to make yourself comfortable so you can focus on the work. And while the entrepreneur in you might view these steps as a sign of defeat, remember that they are merely the faith-driven action steps you must take to accomplish your goals. Your energy is a powerful thing and building with a proper safety net allows you to build from a place of peace and security, instead of fear and stress.

Face Your Fears And The Universe Will Meet You There

The actions steps we take directly impact the results we experience. Often the scariest actions are the ones that yield the best results. One of the scariest actions that I ever took was appearing on the show Dragons Den (which is Canada’s Shark Tank.) I was so afraid in fact, that I told the producer beforehand that I might actually faint on camera. But in the end, even though I turned down a deal, my brand gained national exposure and we experienced significant growth as a result.

Try this simple daily exercise:

The action that scares me the most is                                               .

The date I will take action is                                               .

Fill in the blank and then go do it! If you do this, I promise the Universe will always meet you more than halfway.

Trust Your Gut

http _i.huffpost.com_gen_3749646_images_n-GWYNETH-PALTROW-CAMERON-DIAZ-LITTLE-BOX-OF-ROCKS-628x314.jpg

One of the first big press mentions my company received was from Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, Goop. This mention was a direct result of me submitting through a contact page on their website on a momentary hunch. (You know the ones that you think no one will ever read?) Shortly after, The Body Book, which is Cameron Diaz’s website, included my brand in its gift-guide, another submission I had made on a hunch. These two press mentions garnered even more media attention, making my brand international news on outlets like The Huffington Post, Forbes and eTalk. When I reached out to these two publications, I had no idea that anything would come from it, but I had developed the habit of taking action where guided, and it paid off. Tune in to the sudden thoughts and hunches as they could very well lead you to your biggest miracles and breakthroughs.


Remember to ask your higher power for help. It’s my belief that there is a divine law that our angels can’t help us unless we ask, due to the law of free will. So remember to pray, pray, pray. Ask for help whenever you think of it, for big and little things. Need a deal to go through? Pray. Need a parking spot to make it to a meeting on time? Pray for that too.

Here is a simple prayer or affirmation that I say almost hourly. It is one that helps me to let go and trust my higher power as I go about taking action throughout the day.