Crystal Gridwork

Introducing | Crystal Gridwork

For those who know about my journey as an entrepreneur it won’t be a surprise to know that healing crystals are a bit of a passion (read obsession) for me. This is why I’m thrilled to tell you about my first book, Crystal Gridwork, which is available in stores now!

Here’s What’s Inside:

A single crystal is a powerful tool. Think then how potent a crystal grid might be. A grid comprises several crystals and sets them in a geometric arrangement with a specific intention or outcome in mind. They can be used for health and wellness, abundance and prosperity, protection, love, or simply for inspiration.

The combination of the power of your chosen crystals in a geometric pattern greatly strengthens your focused intention and helps to manifest results much more quickly.

Crystal expert and author Kiera Fogg has put together 30 crystal grids, exquisitely photographed in a range of settings. The sacred geometry of each grid is revealed in an artwork map, so it can be recreated at home. The photographs are so vivid that they also can be used as a meditation tool in and of themselves.

Good Luck Grid

Built upon the highly creative Seed of Life, this is an extremely powerful grid for attracting good fortune of all kinds. Use the Good Luck Grid when embarking on any new endeavor, as it has been designed to increase the odds of winning, and inspire both spiritual and material abundance. Set your intentions and expect miracles, allowing this powerful combination of crystals to focus your thoughts on manifesting divine prosperity.


Breakthrough Grid 025c0459-1b93-4689-bc47-add091be599f

Built upon the Tripod of Life, a shape associated with creation, rebirth, and transformation, the Breakthrough Grid is intended to awaken your ability to break free from what holds you back. Use the grid when you perceive yourself as trapped, stalled, or stuck; it will help you to see the most joyful way through challenges and obstacles.



Health Grid 0062dd1c-f0b5-4ccf-a56a-35c343b0df6b

Built upon the ever-expanding Spiral, the Health Grid is intended to remind us of our natural ability to rejuvenate. The crystals chosen for this grid are those carrying the energy of the Sun, our world’s most powerful energizer. As the Sun rises each day, we are reminded that darkness is only an illusion, as only illusions can be cast away. Allow this grid to cast away all thoughts of darkness and bring forth the light, restoring you to your most healthy state of being—mentally, physically, and spiritually.