Being an entrepreneur is like trying to cultivate a superpower. The act of starting and growing a business requires us to muster every last ounce of courage, self-confidence and strength to overcome obstacles and push past barriers along the way. I’ve often said that my business is a living, breathing mirror of me. When I’m feeling connected and inspired, miracles happen – a client appears, a media outlet features us, or a recipient is moved to tears by our product. Making miracles in business and in life requires us to show up whole. It requires us to abandon the notion of “impossible” and commit wholeheartedly to the possibility of our dreams.

In 2015, I did just this, launching an online store out of my home. I had been a stay-at-home mom for five years. Part of me feared I had become irrelevant and out of touch with the world. An even bigger part of me feared I would be laughed at for even trying. The year prior I had suffered from an intense bout of post-partum anxiety that led me to have panic attacks in public places like the grocery store. Who was I to start a business? But I made a decision to abandon my fears, or at least push past them as best as I could.

Deep down I knew that if I committed myself to the realm of miracles, that they could and would unfold.

They did. My business took off, seemingly overnight. Two months after its launch, Little Box of Rocks experienced skyrocketing sales as celebrities and large-scale media outlets featured us in their gift-guides. Miracles.

Since then I have become passionate about helping others to push past the illusion of fear to create miracles in their own lives, whether it be at work, or in everyday life.

Popular Speech Topics:

A step by step guide to becoming your own in-house PR agent

In 2015, I launched a company that, within two months, received international praise from celebrities and large-scale media outlets around the globe. I will show you step-by-step how you can garner media attention for your small business and secure the elusive  “seen in” banner that every entrepreneur dreams of.

I will teach you

  • How to position your brand for PR success
  • How to craft the perfect PR pitch
  • How to decide where to focus your efforts
  • The exact steps I used to get endorsements by myself, out of my home
  • How to talk to journalists and give them what they truly want
DIY your brand from start to finish

Creating a brand from scratch is no small feat, especially if you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to skip the costs associated with large firms and “DIY” a brand that’s both sophisticated and appeals to your target market. In this interactive seminar, I’ll put your brand through a rigorous bootcamp that will reposition it for large-scale success. You’ll learn how to build a brand that inspires, uplifts and SELLS.

I will teach you

  • Critical technical skills: Photoshop, Instagram, Copy Writing, Web Layout & Design
  • How to craft the perfect brand image
  • The art of storytelling
  • How to stand out and be unique
  • Why your product doesn’t matter. (And what does.)
  • How to achieve social media success

Promote yourself with poise and confidence

Do you ever feel like you can promote a business no problem, but when it comes to yourself, you’re hooped? In this session, I will show you how to craft a personal brand image and promote yourself without hesitation.

I will teach you

  • The art of depersonalizing your personal brand
  • How to build a personal brand image that reflects you at your very best
  • How to build a captivating social media presence that gets followers
  • How to be confident in any situation
How to incorporate crystals into your daily life

Being the owner of a popular online crystal shop, and author of Crystal Gridwork, I’ve experienced first-hand the power that healing crystals have to inspire and transform our lives.

I will teach you

  • The basic principles of healing crystals and how they work
  • How to build a crystal collection that suits your unique needs and desires
  • How to build a custom healing crystal grid to enhance any area of your life
  • How to use crystals to shift the energy of your environment
  • How to perform a healing crystal reading
Harness your anxiety and make miracles happen

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was a panic attack in the checkout line of a grocery store. Why? It had a hidden message for me, pointing the way to a new life beyond my wildest dreams.

I will teach you

  • How to surrender to your anxiety so it no longer controls you
  • How to uncover the hidden message that pain and fear hold for you
  • Why fear and panic is your friend
  • How to step past obstacles and create the life of your dreams
How to sit back and watch your dreams seek you

Ever wonder why some people seem to be born under a lucky star? Good things just seem to happen for them out of pure luck. Or is it something else? I will show you how I let go of the struggle and realigned in such a way that caused an avalanche of miracles to unfold.

I will teach you

  • The power of surrendering to your dreams and desires
  • The inspired way of setting and achieving goals
  • How to stay in alignment with your higher self, even under stress
  • How to take action without pushing your goals away
Topics I love to talk about:
  • Women in business (and all things female empowerment)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Branding and public relations for small business
  • Modern spirituality
  • Manifestation and the law of attraction
  • Healing crystals
  • Breaking through the bonds of anxiety

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