Secret # 2 | A house is still a house

Months before I created my company I remember having a dream. In the dream I was building a house. But it wasn’t just any house, it was one with an upside down roof.

Dreams are weird.

But I woke up with the sudden realization that the most successful creative endeavors in business do exactly this. They don’t build something that is so new that it becomes unrecognizable. Instead they build something recognizable – but with one distinct twist.

So when it comes to developing your business, don’t reinvent the wheel. In other words, don’t build a Franken-business that makes no sense to your customers. Instead, build a business that your customers can immediately recognize as one that’s familiar, yet has an element of uniqueness.

My first company Little Box of Rocks is a perfect example of this. The concept of sending crystals the way we typically send flowers is recognizable and familiar. But the roof has been flipped. Instead of flowers, we send rocks… and there is my flipped lid.

Action #2 | Flip Your Lid

When you are narrowing your focus with respect to your business concept, remember to keep your creativity in check and set an intention of uncovering your one unique twist. Answer the following questions to help define yours.

How is my company recognizable to my customers?


How is it different? What’s its one unique twist?


Can it be more unique than it is now, without losing it’s sense of familiarity? If so, how?


Is my company too different? If so, how can I help my customers to instantly understand what it is?


Psst… Learn how to answer this last question as it relates to ANYTHING in tomorrow’s message.

Shake it up!