Secret # 3 | Hitch your wagon

I remember before launching my business, trying to explain the idea of Little Box of Rocks to friends and family.

“So it’s rocks in a box?” they’d say. “But… why?”

For a long time I would flounder any time I was asked to explain the concept to people. My elevator pitch was more of a boardroom pitch – one where LOTS of caffeine was necessary. Finally, I grew tired one day and said, “It’s like a flower shop, but with healing crystals.”

And there it was, in one succinct sentence. It became a highly effective go-to that we would use time and again in everyday conversations, promotions and in media pitches. It worked because it connected the brand to something that people already understood.

I had hitched my wagon to a star.

This technique is incredibly useful in media pitches. Journalists don’t have time to sift through long emails. And chances are, if they don’t understand who you are and why you might make for an interesting news article in 3 seconds flat, you will have lost your chance at getting your press mention.

Action # 3 | Write Your ‘Star Statement’

The answer? Create one short sentence that helps people to understand exactly the type of business that you are conducting. I call this a Star Statement, because it shines an immediate light of recognition on your brand. So take a few minutes now to reflect on what makes your business easily recognized and then fill in the blanks.

“It’s like a                            but with                                 .”

This one simple statement will not only save you tons of time and frustration in every day conversations, it could literally be the gateway to your very first press mention.

Shine on,