Secret # 5 | Spark a connection

It was a few weeks after I launched my company, Little Box of Rocks, an e-commerce store that sends crystals the way we typically send flowers.

I opened my email inbox to a message from a customer. The subject line: THANK YOU!!!! She relayed her experience of gifting a Little Box of Rocks to her sister who was battling breast cancer. She said her sister was brought to tears and told her it was the most meaningful gift she had ever received, so much so that she kept them with her every time she underwent her chemotherapy treatment. How was it that a box of rocks could invoke this type of reaction? It was this question that triggered my epiphany.

I realized that if you can connect with your customer, you can sell literally anything.

Connection truly is the foundation of excellent branding and the foundation of inspiration. Think of some of the most meaningful moments in your life. The birth of a baby, the start of a relationship, a personal transformation – chances are they stemmed from a powerful connection, either with another person, your higher power, or with yourself.

Your job as a brand expert is to make a connection with your target audience in as many ways possible, whether it be through your brand story, your brand message or your products. If you can connect with your customers in a way that is authentic, you will have truly won their hearts and their business.

Action #5 | Set Your Heart On Fire

So how do we make these strong emotional connections with our customers? Like many things in life, it starts with us.

Think of some of the most successful business people you know. What do they each have in common? Chances are it’s passion, the driving force behind some of the world’s most influential brands. (Think Apple, Starbucks, and Alex & Ani.) The key then to building a brand that catches on like a wildfire, is to first build a fire in your own heart, because chances are that this same fire will light the spark in the hearts of your customers. So let’s tune in to your passion by answering the following questions:

What purpose are you hoping to fulfill through your product or service?


When your brand has truly succeeded, what effect do you hope it will have had on the world?


What makes you excited to get out of bed and start your workday?


What’s the best compliment a customer could give you about your business?


Light it up, Hot Stuff…