Secret # 6 | Make your brand a hero

In today’s socially conscious environment, customers expect more than just a product. They want to know that their hard earned dollars are being spent on products that are worthy of their efforts. They want to know that the brands they are supporting are ones that have a positive social impact.

One of the simplest ways to add meaning to literally any product is to tie it to a purpose. Purpose-driven companies not only build solid, loyal customers bases, they are also inherently shareable and media friendly.

Action #6 | Be The Hero

So how do you position your brand as purpose-driven? Here are a few ideas.

Name your mission

Adding a company mission statement to your website is perhaps the easiest way to position your brand as being purpose-driven. A good company mission statement tells your audience why you exist other than to turn a profit. The Starbucks mission statement is one of my personal favorites. It demonstrates how we can become purpose-driven simply by making it our mission to delight and inspire our customers.

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” -Starbucks

What’s your mission?


Support a cause

Choosing to build a company that supports a social cause is another simple way to add meaning and purpose to your products. This is easily done by donating a percentage of annual profits to a cause that relates to your company mission. Your customers will feel that they are doing good in the world by choosing your brand over others. As a bonus, you will become more eligible for media coverage.

What kind of charitable cause would align well with your mission?


Ethical sourcing and manufacturing

While ethical sourcing and manufacturing used to be considered a bonus, it’s quickly become a necessary feature in business. Customers now have an expectation that the products they are buying have not caused social harm. To ensure that your brand is ethically conscious, do your homework. Look into the manufacturing process of all of your products to ensure that the companies you are working with adhere to all the proper regulations in your industry. Do you source your products locally? Does your company recycle? These are facts that should be stated on your website for your customers to see.

How will you ensure that your company and products do no harm?


For an extra dose of inspiration, take a look at how these companies have positioned themselves as purpose-driven, and have seen massive success as a result.

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All the power to you…