Secret # 7 | Customers don’t lie

I remember when I first started my company, I took all customer emails and inquiries VERY personally. They were like a roller coaster ride. A happy customer would send me on a high, while an upset one was enough to leave me feeling deflated for days.

As time went on though, I’ve learned that whether they are positive or negative, these interactions are the most valuable insights we can ever receive and I’ve trained my staff to use our customer feedback to implement change on a regular basis. This is called a customer-centered approach to business and it is key to building your breakout brand.

Your customers act as your most accurate mirror when it comes to your brand’s image.

Action #6 | Look Into Your Customer Mirror

Having a customer-centered approach to business means that you place the needs and desires of your customer above all. So how do we successfully implement a customer-centered approach? There are some very simple steps we can take to learn more about how are customers are experiencing us. Here’s how:

Check Your Inbox

Thankfully, the first thing many of your customers will do when they are either extremely satisfied or extremely not, is send you an email to let you know. Instead of hopping on the roller coaster ride with each one, try to take a step back and ask yourself how this feedback can help you to improve your business. Are they requesting a simpler ordering process? Is a mistake happening consistently? Do they have ideas for a new product? Respect all insight that you receive, knowing that it will lead you to greater success and profitability, even if it comes with a slight sting.

Read Your Social Media Comments

Many of your followers will offer great insights through the comments on your social media pages. When we first launched, I noticed that many of the questions being asked were very basic. Instead of passing these questions off and ignoring them, I’ve learned that basic questions are an indication that better communication is required. Take note of what kinds of questions and comments are being made on your social media pages and set a goal to answer these questions sooner in the ordering process. For instance, you might add a simple Q&A to your mailing list.

Become a Subscriber

A year into business I decided to sign up for our subscriber discount, just to make sure things were still running smoothly. What I found was that the emails were ALL WRONG. The pictures were dated and unattractive. I realized that we were still using images on our subscriber series that had long since been replaced on our website. Signing up to be a subscriber will show you how you look in the eyes of your customers. You will also have the opportunity to make sure that links are working and everything is looking polished and professional.

Place an Order

It might seem a little strange to log into your website and buy your own product. But taking yourself through this process allows you to know exactly how your brand is experienced from the point of purchase to the time of delivery. Don’t wait another day. DO IT.


Building your brand with the customer in mind will establish your company as a safe and trustworthy place to make purchases, and will make your customers more than willing to pass your name along to others. This can make all the difference between a brand that flames out fast, or catches fire overnight.

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